CLI Network Speedtest

CLI Network Speedtest

I google searched “CLI internet speed test this morning and came across two pretty cool things. One is a little command-line executable from Ookla That you can run from the terminal. It’s not signed so you’ll need to unzip the archive then right-click on ”speedtest“ and select ”Open". Approve with admin credentials and it’ll open the Terminal and run. You should then be able to run it from the command line by typing /path/to/speedtest.

You could alse type xattr -d /path/to/speedtest to remove the quaranting flag then run the program from the terminal.

The second cool thing is that Monterey includes a built-in speed test tool. Type networkQuality -h to list the possible flags or man networkQuality to get the full man page. Most importantly, type:

networkQuality -v

To get a quick network speed check, along with some other cool info like start and end time and OS version. OS Verion? Weird. I guess there’s somewhere else to check OS version from the command line now.

Apple has documented the tool here and there’s a bunch of stuff that I don’t understand, but looks neat and useful here, which I’m adding to my list of 9 million things to learn more about.